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hanson mtv

Hi, I was wondering if any New yorker remeber this video?
It's from MTV-Cribs Hanson special of 2004.
I need the place location, or the name of the building, or whatever data you may provide of this place. This is for an architectual project, I love the apartment and I'm planning to make the plans.
Please this is very important and I'm in a hurry.
I don't even know wheter it's Brooklin or Manhattan.
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Hey! I haven't updated in ages, I'm looking for good manip zaylor pictures, I've seen great manips in the th community but I miss zaylor so much, just to relive those old times
does anybody have some links or something?

If you are into tom and bill you should check this site out, the artist is awesome!
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I really wanna know who is currently writing hancest of any kind because nobody seem to be updating in my f-list so I think the hancest community is going backwards, I suck at writing and I've been off lj lately, but it surprises me that there's no one but a few people around, maybe there are some people that I don't know writing something, anyway I would love to know who they are.
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Hi everyone! I can't find a good zaylor picture anywhere so I'd appreciate if you could post your pictures here I won't steal them for my journal i just want a cover for a notebook where i keep my zaylor fics and that kind of stuff...if you're good friends I will start uploading some shorts to see how that
By the way i need a BETA or someone available who wants to help me with my fics.
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HPHB Easter Challenge (What a Jesus Resurrection!)

Title: HPHB Easter Challenge (What a Jesus Resurrection!)

Author: Cristian (matrix_hack)

Pairings: there’s a zaylor reference, Taylor/ OMC

Rating: R/NC-17 (for slash sex, bad language and a little violence)

Word Count: 2,274

Summary: A trip to Disney world that would make someone resurrect (not giving you details)

OMC details_ name: JULIAN

Age: 23

Collapse )
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thanks to imgaidragger for this info

About the zaylors i was looking for i found out (thanks to tumbling_down ,imagaidragger and other friends) that the writer of one of them in thephantomheart,unfortunately she isn't in live journal or her fiction isn't here anymore...
another story belongs to tumbling_down and heart_iswild and they're still writing it or quit doing that,but the fic isn't finished nonetheless

the last story belongs to totallytaylor...and the name is ONE MORE TIME so for those who are friends with he, you may be able to read the fiction...

i'm not sure which plot corresponds to whose story  and they're not necessary in the order i put them (i don't know if the last plot is one more time...)but i guess you have a clue to where to go now to find them!

so go on and enjoy!
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what's the deal with lj??

someone can explain to me what's the deal with those famous lj 's"changes"
i understand that after december the will be no more "basic accounts" the question is are they going to delete those that already exist  or  they're talking about future basic accounts?

and most important ,are they going to ban communities that have adult issues as incest,sex of any kind ,etc??

what are you guys panning to do about this? aren't we going to be able to read fanfiction of any kind??

seriously, i'm really concern about this ...what can you tell me?
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questions,help me here?

ok here's one of the pictures i promised,my internet is really slow tonight so i'm not gonna try to upload more for now

ABOUT HANSON: i have a few questions about those rumours of pregnancy...whose wife is pregnant and don't say kate cause i already know that...maybe nikki??

ABOUT FICTION: i'm still looking for 3 ZAYLOR
the first one is about the porn industry ;i guess zac's a producer and tay his porn star,but zac has a boyfriend too (sounds interesting to read)
the second one is about tay,who's comming back home after many years,he left a son with zac who's married now with some bad guy...tay came to see zac and the baby but zac's husband is a moron and doesn't like him at all  (i hope the story line is correct here)
the last one is about taylor having a physicological disease which makes him very horny,lol he thinks he has aids or something and past out and then zac comes to rescue him,natalie had left him and the hanson family doesn't want to know anything about him (something like that...)

i'm not sure if that info is correct and i don't know the writers of those fics...i think someone said something about them on an e-mail but they didn't say who wrote them,or who's writing if you have heard or read something like that let me know cause i'm very interested in reading,i guess the plots are cool