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Ok guys, since I got so lucky about my other request I'm gonna push it and see if I can find these other three

Look to the stars by thephantomheart, I know her account was deleted but I'm sure someone saved it, it was the very first fic I read here and I can't find it anywhere.

The next one, I don't know the name but it was a collaboration, it has an alternative ending, the plot goes about zac writing a suicide note to his wife kate, it's a zaylor. I remember taylor and zac were involved and tay had to marry nat because of ezra and then they had penny (only two kids 'cause it's from 2005 or so) and later tay finds out ezra isn't his son so he decides he'll leave nat for zac...(spoiler) nat's brother Matt gets really angry for this and shoots taylor, and he the story ends with zac finishing his letter and killing himself. I believe the title was something along the lines of "with you in your dreams" but I'm not sure. Also the alternative ending or epilogue was about them reunited in heaven...(I know it's too random but it was written beautifully). Another funny detail was zac's grandmother, he went to spent some time with her to et over taylor and I remember she kind of knew about them and even share pot with zac, lol (i remeber I lmao at that)

The last one: It starts with taylor having a son with his girlfriend but theyr're separated so he takes the baby and goes after zac so they can raise him together, I also remember tay having some kind of disease and he couldn't walk so he end up using a the end I think ike knows about them and they have two friends too so they celebrate a small "wedding" (but this fic isn't breaking free by writefiction, I know it sounds similar)

I can't remember the names of the last two but I read them here in LJ around the year 2004-2005, and the three fics I mentioned were zaylor and completed. If someone has them saved or can send me a link I'll apreciate it

By the way if you have a request check this site, I have some old fics saved as well I'd love to share

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