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special zaylor request

Hello, this is for my b-day so be generous! Ok, I'm looking for a link to the old files of hanson erotica, or whatever you might have, I remember there was a place of old fiction.
Also, I read a story there which was quite popular among the fans. To make a long story short; tay and zac were involved and their family found out so they send zac away and after many complications with bob moffat (or whatever his name is, he was zac's best friend in the story) zac meets a guy named warren and he's about to marry him in san francisco, in the middle of the story I remember Ike and tay being involve with jhonny lang as well and the beginning was, I think, that tay and zac had trios with random girls 'cause zac was waiting to give himself to taylor in the right time so...and I know it's too random but I don't even remember the name of the story...anyway if someone has the link or have old stories saved that'd be awesome!!!

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