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HPHB Easter Challenge (What a Jesus Resurrection!)

Title: HPHB Easter Challenge (What a Jesus Resurrection!)

Author: Cristian (matrix_hack)

Pairings: there’s a zaylor reference, Taylor/ OMC

Rating: R/NC-17 (for slash sex, bad language and a little violence)

Word Count: 2,274

Summary: A trip to Disney world that would make someone resurrect (not giving you details)

OMC details_ name: JULIAN

Age: 23

What a Jesus... resurrection!

Hi there my name’s Julian…and no I’m not a woman even though I think a have a strange right to act like one (no I’m not a travesty, I’m just a little too fag for exquisite palates)

In my last attempt to fix things with my boyfriend I invite him to Disney World for Easter vacations and that leads us to a long flight from Toronto, CA to Orlando, FL which he took on Wednesday night…

Should I mention that it was our last trip together to close the chapter of our big story relationship…for him it must have felt like the worst trip ever to me it was the best Easter I’ve ever had.

Traveling in the third class of a long flight to Disney isn’t so bad, but the flight was sick crowded and the first thing we did when we landed was taking a cab to the hotel some Disney inn resort-I don’t know what and unpacked our suitcases, then he called it a day even when it was Thursday morning and went to sleep…fuck him- I said to myself and left the room, I was going to enjoy my trip whether he liked it or not, I took my camera with me cause I was going to take my picture with Minnie mouse…it’s an old tradition of mine to take pictures with people dressing in costume and pretending to be cool with it…not my type of job for sure but I respected them, so I found her and took the pic…and then I laugh at her cause she was picking at her ass so badly, I guess the costume does itch a burning hell of a lot and suddenly she turned around

-what are you laughing at you moron- she said clearly annoyed but to my surprise she wasn’t a she but some dude!

-sorry but you shouldn’t be so obvious about that if you don’t want children to think Mickey fucked your ass last night

Then she…I mean he approached me and took me by the neck of my shirt almost suffocating me.

-get the fuck lost you little pervert or I’m gonna fuck your ass and see if you can go without scratching it tomorrow-then he let go, maybe ‘cause a small crowd of children on the verge of tears where there with their eyes wild, I never loved children more

I readjust my shirt and then I spat at her nose…just because I’m a sadistic brat and after he clean it up with one of those big gloves the costume has he came back for more…

-Taylor, stop it! - Mickey mouse show up to save me, what a fantasy!

-He started it! - Minnie babble back

-I don’t care who started it, you’re gonna get us fired again!-said Mickey taking Taylor by the shoulders and dragging him away

Interesting! I thought to myself coming after them having nothing better to do that following two dudes dressing as mousse! Yeah right I stopped right in my heels and turn around going to one of the Nacho’s stand near me, I was starving and I was planning on ridding a rollercoaster later…so much fun when Alvin (my stupid and boring boyfriend) wasn’t around.

I took a table and wait for my nachos with extra cheese to arrive when I saw the most beautiful creature on earth walking and taking the seat in front of mine, he had a slender figure just like a fashion model, I wonder if maybe he wasn’t one , he had long legs and a beautiful round ass which he made sure of stand out in the tightest jeans he could find I supposed…his blue eyes were so shinning and crystalline like he could have been crying or something, red lips tremble as an invitation to kiss them and a blond soft hair I wouldn’t mind to rub…I started to feel very hot, my pants too tight for my like and the waitress had to call my attention twice before I came back from dreamland…I wasn’t hungry anymore or I was interested on eat a different kind of “meat”…I believe the second choice suited me better.

A second guy show up and had a seat next to that beauty…

-thanks for that bro, now we’d have to go search for another job…I really liked it in here

-sorry, I couldn’t control myself it was his fault-he sounded apologetic and the other guy furious but resigned and I don’t blame him, who could stay mad at such a beautiful man like …wait I’ve heard those voices before! And did he say something about loosing a job? NO WAY! Mickey and Minnie??

-Stop that …doesn’t matter now…-the beauty…I think his name was Taylor? Took his brother? Hands on his own

-hey zac! Let me make it up to you ok? We have the rest of the day to enjoy the park before pick up our things

With that they stand up and left, leaving me feeling guilty for causing them to loose their job

I’ve decided, if I was gonna enjoy this trip I’d have to stop thinking about anything related to depressions …so as selfish as that sounded I went for a ride on a water rollercoaster so I could get the hotness in my body to cool down a little…and when I find the one that didn’t seem to cause a heart attack I discovered I was standing in a long long line…but who do you think were in front of me again? I’ll give you a clue; two ex Disney character now two hot men without a job…yeah just because I’m that lucky!! Those two guys Taylor and Zac where there holding hands and I swear I wouldn’t mind to join and make a trio…and because of that luck I happened to had a seat next to them for the ride…once we were settle Taylor said something about being excited and ask me to give him some space, right cause it was such a big amount of space there big jerk!, anyway I did what I could and when he turned to me whispering a –thank you- he saw my face and recognized me as the guy who fucked his job up and called me, little fucker is that you?-the wagon started to move while his fist was connecting to my jaw and Zac went crazy trying to take tay’s hands away from my face…so you pretty much have a image of the scene taking place there…what a wonderful ride, up and down, a punch here a punch there and I punched him too…and zac too ‘cause he was there!

When I was safe again, and the ride was over a policeman was there waiting for me to put charges on them…both of them I have no idea why, considering zac the mediator, was he in trouble too…when I saw those faces pleading me not to do that I couldn’t, It was my fault after all…once the river was calm again I invited them for a beer and they came along cause what else was there to do-they said- and you can imagine what happen 9 to 12 beers for each one later, after the anger wears out the rough sex comes…on the bar’s bathroom… let’s said Friday Easter morning started with me eating some prohibited “MEAT”…

I was pretty fucked up by then…I tried to work in Taylor’s zipper but my fingers didn’t react…so he moved my hand away and did it himself…-I think I’m gonna go get some coke out there-zac said and I noticed a little anger in his voice, he shouted the door behind him- I think we should go inside the toilets-said Taylor and I nod cause anybody could walk on us at any minute…I started to get nervous me and my boyfriend weren’t done yet and I had never cheated on him before, but when Taylor’s lips touched mine I completely forgot about my boyfriend and fixed all my attention in the way they tasted ,sweet and soft with the unmistakable flavor of liquor on them…he ran his tongue over my bottom lip and I moan, then he started to work on my pants and I reacted by tearing his shirt apart and pushing his hands away –now you’re sober- he said smiling and I gripping his hair tightly making him fall down on his knees and then I let him pulled down my zipper and push my pants and boxers pass my thighs –I’m gonna make you regret those punches you gave me –I spat with anger and excitement, deep inside I hated my boyfriend and what he was making me do…that was enough thinking when Taylor took my dick in his hands and give it a small pull –fuck!! –I complain –stop teasing me and suck it already-

-Eager much aren’t we?-he chuckle but pleased

Taking my whole length in his mouth and deep throating me –yeah!!! Just like that…mmm suck it like that!-

My knees ready to gave up …I thrust into Taylor’s mouth repeatedly and when I was sure I couldn’t hold much longer I took his hair again giving it a strong pull and leaving his mouth wide open and a trail of spit combined with pre-cum drooled from his bottom lip

His big blue eyes fixed on my own, questioning me and he cleaned up his lip with the back of his hand and the he licked it very sexily never taking his eyes from mine

-I wanna shoved my cock deep in your tight ass –I said taking his arm and making him stand up .Then I pushed his pants all the way down, he helped me kick them away and then I made him bent over the toilet and kick his legs apart this time I hold out my hand to touch his pleading dick and I pull at it making him moan and beg me-please fuck me now!- I wasted no time and press the head of my dick into his thigh asshole –ohh god!-he cried out

-Are you a virgin?-I asked concerned …-fuck no! I feel like I’m about to explode, give it to me now you fucker! - he screamed –ok you fuckin’ noisy bitch- then I press my dick with a strong thrust sinking deeply all the way into his ass and hitting his prostate on the act, which made him turn his head backwards and cried out in pleasure this time.

I thrust into him fast and hard and took his dick in my hand again jerking him off at the same pace…we both came after a while…he throwing his seed all over the toilet’s porcelain and me deep inside him filling him up with my hot cup and screaming his name.

Once we got our breath to come back to normal we put out clothes back and I smile at him-ya know your boyfriend …I think he got jealous he never came back with that coke he promised-

-He’s not my boyfriend, he’s my brother…-he said devilishly

-But he looked like…-I was kind of shocked1

-yeah I know! Do you have a problem with me fuckin my own brother?-he asked as it wasn’t a big deal at all

So I gulp hard and shake my head ´no´, opening the toilet door for him to came out…

After that he searched inside the bar for zac not founding him anywhere and took two more beers while he told me about his job and how his boss had fired him for repeatedly disturbs with customers

-so…it wasn’t the first time you tried to kick a tourist’s ass here?

- No, in fact I always try as hard as I could to get MY ass kick by customers!-he said laughing

-ohh yeah? Well I apologized for laughing at you, anyway…but you have to admit it was kind of funny to see you scratch your ass like that…in a Minnie mouse’s costume!-we both broke out laughing hard then

-you were right about what you said though…

-what do you mean? –I questioned him with interest

-Mickey mouse did fuck my ass hard last night and that fuckin custom warms it so badly I couldn’t resist the urge to scratch it!

I left Taylor at his hotel room not far away from my own hotel and thanked him for the wonderful night and sent my goodbyes to zac, and Taylor thanked me back for helping he get fired –it was time to start hunting for new emotions-he said ,apparently zac and him were traveling all over the states since zac turned 18 two years ago, then they got the job here a few month ago and zac have been refusing to leave whenever Taylor asked him to since then…he called it` the most wonderful job he could’ve ask for` -Taylor told me…

Seems like all couples has their issues-I thought to myself laughing and returning to my room, finding my boyfriend still asleep but surrounded with junk food leftovers-how disgusting!

Pretty cool vacations huh?

Me and my boyfriend spent the rest of our trip hanging around and fighting…then another long boring flight back home…and guess what? Two very known characters where in the seat in front of ours…yeah! flying to Toronto looking for some exciting things to do there, they said when I approached and look down to meet the familiar voices…turning back to adjust my belt and with a huge smile printed on my face I shrug my boyfriend’s confused face off my view and thought to myself –what an unforgettable Jesus Resurrection!!


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