matrix_hack (matrix_hack) wrote,

thanks to imgaidragger for this info

About the zaylors i was looking for i found out (thanks to tumbling_down ,imagaidragger and other friends) that the writer of one of them in thephantomheart,unfortunately she isn't in live journal or her fiction isn't here anymore...
another story belongs to tumbling_down and heart_iswild and they're still writing it or quit doing that,but the fic isn't finished nonetheless

the last story belongs to totallytaylor...and the name is ONE MORE TIME so for those who are friends with he, you may be able to read the fiction...

i'm not sure which plot corresponds to whose story  and they're not necessary in the order i put them (i don't know if the last plot is one more time...)but i guess you have a clue to where to go now to find them!

so go on and enjoy!

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