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Hi everyone! I'm looking for a short story I read long ago, It was a zaylor and I remember Taylor was a flight attendant and zac was a passenger afraid of planes so Tay comforted him and I'm pretty sure they joined the Mile High Club. Anybody remember this? where can I find it? who wrote it?
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Hi everybody in the Hanson community, I was wondering if anybody remember reading a zaylor fic called 'On The Rocks', I've been reading around and many people say it's awesome on their comments, so if anybody has it and can send it or tell me where can I find it, that'd be great
Thanks everybody in advance!
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Ok guys, since I got so lucky about my other request I'm gonna push it and see if I can find these other three

Look to the stars by thephantomheart, I know her account was deleted but I'm sure someone saved it, it was the very first fic I read here and I can't find it anywhere.

The next one, I don't know the name but it was a collaboration, it has an alternative ending, the plot goes about zac writing a suicide note to his wife kate, it's a zaylor. I remember taylor and zac were involved and tay had to marry nat because of ezra and then they had penny (only two kids 'cause it's from 2005 or so) and later tay finds out ezra isn't his son so he decides he'll leave nat for zac...(spoiler) nat's brother Matt gets really angry for this and shoots taylor, and he the story ends with zac finishing his letter and killing himself. I believe the title was something along the lines of "with you in your dreams" but I'm not sure. Also the alternative ending or epilogue was about them reunited in heaven...(I know it's too random but it was written beautifully). Another funny detail was zac's grandmother, he went to spent some time with her to et over taylor and I remember she kind of knew about them and even share pot with zac, lol (i remeber I lmao at that)

The last one: It starts with taylor having a son with his girlfriend but theyr're separated so he takes the baby and goes after zac so they can raise him together, I also remember tay having some kind of disease and he couldn't walk so he end up using a the end I think ike knows about them and they have two friends too so they celebrate a small "wedding" (but this fic isn't breaking free by writefiction, I know it sounds similar)

I can't remember the names of the last two but I read them here in LJ around the year 2004-2005, and the three fics I mentioned were zaylor and completed. If someone has them saved or can send me a link I'll apreciate it

By the way if you have a request check this site, I have some old fics saved as well I'd love to share
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special zaylor request

Hello, this is for my b-day so be generous! Ok, I'm looking for a link to the old files of hanson erotica, or whatever you might have, I remember there was a place of old fiction.
Also, I read a story there which was quite popular among the fans. To make a long story short; tay and zac were involved and their family found out so they send zac away and after many complications with bob moffat (or whatever his name is, he was zac's best friend in the story) zac meets a guy named warren and he's about to marry him in san francisco, in the middle of the story I remember Ike and tay being involve with jhonny lang as well and the beginning was, I think, that tay and zac had trios with random girls 'cause zac was waiting to give himself to taylor in the right time so...and I know it's too random but I don't even remember the name of the story...anyway if someone has the link or have old stories saved that'd be awesome!!!
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Hi! This is a special request to all fans of Zaylor, does anybody know of or have a story called : "WATCH THE STARS" or something like that.
I've been told is was a story writen in 2004 or around that time, about Taylor and Zac being kidnapped and forced to do "stuff" in front of ppl, I think they didn't see the ppl who were watching them but if they didn't do what they were asked they were punished or smt.(sorry for the lack of info) also there was a side story between ike and natalie
rings any bells?
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zaylor reflection of the day of complaints

I never heard a comment as assertive as that of heartiswild when she said people are writing zaylor as women with penises. Meaning, we're all sick of the lack of smut and originality
When I start to read a fic and I’m not very content, I stop reading it instead of attacking the author for no writing what I want to read.
I still think there are few options to choose from if we compare this community with other where I’ve read stories that would be outrageous here: cross-dressing, male pregnancy, death of main character, violence, to name some
I’m not saying that’s what I want to read in a zaylor with no room for stories about Taylor getting married and zac suffering as an example, they're all valid, some people might love the later and some others might dislike it and nobody can complain about what an author chooses to write about.
What I really dislike is the intolerance and lack of freedom, some readers getting mad at the warning NC-17, and therefore preventing the writer to create something original and bringin new stories, new warnings, new genders.
I don’t think anybody is gonna die if somebody writes a fic where zaylor is just a couple who have sex, nevermind if they’re famous, have a band with their brother and live in Oklahoma.
Even if zaylor is not related I’d still call it a zaylor (aka: couple of taylor and zac) we all know their last name is hanson already, they not necessary need to be brothers and that would be also valid
My point is, people should write whatever the heck they want and don’t be afraid of what the readers may say. Write about the any couple, any age, any gender and warning because as long as it says zaylor, or tike or zike the fans of hancest are gonna give it a try, and if they’re not confortable then they should just stop reading and move to some other story, like some of us do.
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(no subject)

Does anybody know of a hancest-NOT RELATED story, I'm just too sick of reading about the band, the wives, the kids...really something more original will be priceless
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A special request


Whoever you are, I don't think we know each other but I'm trying to read your zaylor stories and can't post in your journal and ask to add me.
If you read this or anybody who might know them, I want to talk to them and see if they can add me or something (their journals might be friends only), I have no clue whatsoever...thanks for your time
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hanson mtv

Hi, I was wondering if any New yorker remeber this video?
It's from MTV-Cribs Hanson special of 2004.
I need the place location, or the name of the building, or whatever data you may provide of this place. This is for an architectual project, I love the apartment and I'm planning to make the plans.
Please this is very important and I'm in a hurry.
I don't even know wheter it's Brooklin or Manhattan.